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3, Stefan Karadja Blvd.
E-mail: pprevozi@gmail.com
web: pprevozi-sliven.com

The company operates newThe company operates well-kept up-to-date buses

City transport center "Dyuleva reka"

    secretary:  044/625334

City transport: 044/624005

24-hour telephone number for citizens'alerts and reports: 0885316770; 0886428822





Accredited garage for annual vehicle inspection

The company was established in 1953 as a passengers transporting company owned and operated by the Sliven municipality.




The company runs  inter-city bus service, bus service between Sliven and  all towns/villages in Sliven district, bus service between Sliven and towns located out of Sliven district.

Chair lift lower station is located at the foot of the mountain

Chair lift station "Sliven - Karandila"

Chair lift station
(lower station)